[Blog Series] Existence Proofs: Supernatural Places..!!

Finally I’m back after a few days after doing a lot of research and info gathering on my favourite topic..,Supernatural Places. The topic was suggested by my friend Sharvari Meshram on my last Exchange Place: Meet The Community post.

Yeah…it’s true that they exist!, how can I say that?…..Well I’m also a supernatural sciences fanatic apart from being a medical student. Most of us must have heard or are curious about these places.

Well I’m right here for tell in you all what I know about them. The places of my keen interest are…The Bermuda Triangle, The Hoia Baciu Forest, Area 51 and The Singing Water Well.

1. The Bermuda Triangle: Also known as “The Devil’s Triangle”, it extends from Florida-Bermuda Islands-Puerto Rico and is also one of the busiest trade sea route. It’s been quite a mystery for the researchers as well as the scientists, that what makes the triangle so deadly. The triangle has very unseen and extreme weather conditions due to which thousands of Military, cargo and passenger airplanes and waterships have been drowned here under mysterious and unexplainable circumstances. Usually it’s considered that it has a very deadly cloud storm which makes these incidents happen. Whereas, many people believe that it is a gateway to travel into another dimension due to Alien presence in the triangle.

2. The Hoia Baciu Forest: Located in Romania and also known as “World’s Most Haunted Forest”, it’s believed so due to presence of high paranormal activities found here. It’s believed that whoever goes into the forest, gets lost there and never returns back. There are so many people who were never seen after entering into the forest. Yet by being another unsolved mystery on this planet, it’s strongly believed to have ghostly presence in it. Many people who went near the forest say that “they felt being watched or observed all the time”. Alien presence in the forest is the second best reason to explain these paranormal activities.

3. Area 51: In the middle of the Nevada desert, there is an unmarked, dusty road which leads to the USA’s most secret military base “Area 51”. The base is under constant surveillance by a camouflaged white pickup truck on one of the hill tops which watches and knows every movement inside the base’s fence. The Area 51 is in my fav list because it is believed that before the World War 2 broke out, there were so many alien UFO crashes which happened across different parts of USA. There were many news articles conforming of the white bodied aliens and the spaceships to be found on the crash site with some of the creatures either dead or alive. But, it was never confirmed by the US Government, as the military took the Alien techs and discoveries to the Area 51 and researched on them, by keeping the discoveries a highly confidential secret. It is said that engineers on Area 51, reverse engineered the alien technologies and manufactured highly unmatched performing and very strong, low-lying war aircrafts which were used during the WW 2 but US declared that they were using the human technologies.

4. The Singing Water Wells: The water wells of Ethiopia in a specific region are heard to be singing all the time, deep down from their bottom. Many expeditions and researches regarding hidden transistors in them were conducted but all the efforts went in vain as there was nothing to be found. The locals believe that the water wells have ghostly super natural powers, while many believe that those areas once had a very crucial and painful history, a very long time ago, due to which the water wells exhibit such paranormal activities in them.



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